The Next Curve Network - Helping You To Better Results
    The Next Curve Network - Helping You To Better Results

Welcome to the Next Curve Network

As we’re discussing potential projects with leaders, we hear things like:


 “We’ve got people in jobs who haven’t got a good foundation in what’s required.”....... “We’re good in some places but not really joined up to be really effective.”..... “Marketing says one thing and sales do another.”..... “Our salespeople seem to be less effective in winning business.”.... “We want something that’s really practical and will be sustainable.”..... “We want our leaders to really energise their teams.”


So, we focus in on three areas to help them improve the results they get.


Wanted!!  Sales Managers who want to be more effective.

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We help organisations and teams select the best path to follow for better results. With a good sense of "Direction" you can channel your know-how and motivation more effectively.


Our most powerful results come when we help to join the dots between the Direction, and the Know-How and Motivation required to undertake the the journey ahead.



We help build the knowledge and skills necessary for the journey dictated by the "Direction" that has been agreed. 




We concentrate on how you create value for your customer and then deliver it profitably.


This covers Innovation, Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Teamworking and Leadership.




We help leaders and teams develop and maintain the motivation required to engage with the "Direction" set for the new jouney.



Leaders have this as part of their job description and those organisations with higher engagement enjoy better results.*


(*Source: Engage for Success)



Please check out our latest videos on Marketing & Sales Alignment.


In our 1st video we look at what happens when things get "Lost in Translation" bewteen Marketing and Sales and the potential impact.


Our 2nd video outlines Six Strategies to improve the alignment between Marketing and Sales to get better results.

Who We Are


A core team of experienced business people


A network with access to a wide range of skills and resources


Practitioners with a track record of improving results

How We Work


We focus on your situation


We work with you to understand the results you want to improve


We put together the right team to create the best solution for you



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