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Case Studies

Proof Communications

Proof specialises in helping science, engineering, and technology organisations communicate clearly with the people they need to influence.  This case study shows how a team developed a streamlined approach which created the basis for business growth.


As a small specialist agency, the Directors recognised that for future growth, they needed to be able to find new customers. They also recognised that to be able to work more productively, they needed to be to develop a smarter approach to working with customers, so that their workload could be managed in a sustainable way.


David Mason worked with the Proof Directors to identify a programme that would help them, with an emphasis on practical application for lead generation and winning new business. Two workshops were delivered, firstly to the senior personnel and subsequently to the remainder of the company.


As a result, Proof has established itself in different sectors, and is now recognised as a PR Week Top 25 Technology Company. In 2012 Proof was shortlisted as a CIPR 2012 Outstanding PR Agency of the Year.


“As a small firm we take investment in training very seriously and only spend on something we believe will deliver a demonstrable return. David delivered two training programmes for us – both on selling and new business development processes.


They have been incredibly valuable – helping us understand how best to organise our new business prospecting, how to quickly evaluate opportunities, and how to prepare effectively for new business meetings. What was most important to us was that he did more than just offer theory – he provided real tools we could use immediately to enhance our lead generation programmes. The difference has been recognisable from day one and still impacts the way we work.”


Richard Moss, Director Proof Communications Ltd

Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best in class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. This case study reviews a sales team which underwent a transition from an existing pattern into a new successful way of working.


David Mason joined Frost and Sullivan’s Corporate Training team in late 2007 and assumed the role of Sales Director.


Whilst this division had previously been successful, customers had moved away from the proposition and sales volume had been in decline.


Faced with declining sales and a sudden deterioration in market conditions in early 2008, David embarked on a programme of developing a sales team which would be able to implement a new approach. Together with other senior team members, a new proposition was developed which required a new value centric approach and connecting with different types of contacts. The recession proved to be an opportunity to really test out a value centric approach, especially with existing major customers.


New account managers were recruited and the existing team who remained were all coached in the new approach and how to work more strategically.


The sales process and bid process were refined, so that the salespeople focused on real customer priorities and this improved the win rate.


As a result, the sales decline was halted and reversed. Sales revenue increased by in 2009 and again by 45% in 2010. The growth continued again in 2011, and in this year was named “Frost & Sullivan’s European Sales Team of the Year.”


"I have known David for nearly seven years during which I have found him to be extremely competent and reliable. David is an experienced and a highly dedicated professional; an inspirational leader and a great coach who knows how to build a high performing sales team.


David has a deep understanding of client needs, and he brought great energy, passion and focus to the organisation. During his time with the company, David successfully built and managed a high performing sales team capable of delivering sustainable revenue and profit growth.


Ebi Zadeh:  Senior Vice President and Global Head - Growth, Innovation and Leadership University - Frost & Sullivan


The Sure Chill Company 

Sure Chill is a technology company that has developed an innovative and disruptive proprietary cooling technology which is expected to achieve significant market share in domestic, beverage and healthcare sectors in developed and developing economies.  This case study show how the business harnessed a team of key executives and took the technology and business to be award winning and having a global presence.

In 2009 Sure Chill was an SME named True Energy which had a focus on solar energy and a concept for a new refrigeration technology. Keith Bartlett was asked by Chairman, Peter Saunders, OBE, to develop a new strategy for the business and build its competence. 

Keith undertook a thorough review of different aspects of the business; product offering, sales opportunities, new technology, organisational structure and staff competencies and team working. This led to a new vision and strategy being agreed by the board and a programme of activities to focus the Executive Team and sub teams within a new operational structure.

As a result of these activities Sure Chill has focussed on the exploitation of the Sure Chill technology; it now has patents granted worldwide, it manufactures WHO accredited vaccine refrigerators for UNICEF from facilities in Europe, Africa and Asia and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has financed over $1.5m in the further development of the technology which has awards in the UK and US. The business has grown at a significant pace and has relocated to Cardiff where it can source talent to further grow the business.  

“I am grateful to Keith, whom I appointed CEO over four years ago when I asked him to develop a new strategy for the company. Since that time the business has been transformed into the business that it is today. A business with a ground breaking technology that is already helping to save lives, and a business with the potential to impact on refrigeration markets across the globe.”


Peter Saunders, OBE, Chairman, The Sure Chill Company Limited.

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