The Next Curve Network - Helping You To Better Results
    The Next Curve Network - Helping You To Better Results

To implement your strategy through your commercial channels, we see the following steps as necessary to create a functioning marketing and sales operating system which will deliver better results

               Six Strategies for Real                  Marketing & Sales Alignment

General Value Propositions

Ensure your general marketing commumication is based on readily understood and quantified value propositions which create a distinctive brand identity

Customer Segentation

Segment your customer base together so that investment can be targeted to deliver better returns from smarter resource allocation

Sales Structure

Structure your sales organisation so that the right resources can be deployed in support of your customer segmentation.

Sales Methodology

Develop your sales methodology so it maps to customers’ buying processes and provides the organisation with the insight it needs to deliver value to customers and information to help managers to run the business effectively

Align Marketing resources to customer segment

Each customer segment is its own market, so provide the right marketing support for sales strategy implementation by each customer segment

Ensure you have common metrics

Make sure that Marketing and Sales agree on what to measure and how to measure it.

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