The Next Curve Network - Helping You To Better Results
    The Next Curve Network - Helping You To Better Results

Next Curve for Teams & Leaders

Against a background of an ever-changing world, teams and their leaders need to evolve their capabilities at least as quickly as the world is changing around them.


We call these successful adaptions GROWTH CURVES after the original work by George Land.


The Next Curve Network is here to help you get better results by supporting you through two major transitions that a team and its leaders need to go through to reach its full potential.


In TRANSITION 1, the team needs to work through the initial challenges that come from being newly formed to operating effectively. This transition is moving from Emerging to Executing.


Sometimes this is referred to as TEAMBUILDING.  In this transition, the priority is to help the team work out the rules for their success and bring them into daily application.


In TRANSITION 2, the team has to find a way to reinvent itself to increase its output or meet new external challenges and ensure that it’s continually fulfilling it's potential. We call this moving from Executing to Excelling, or TEAM DEVELOPMENT.


In this transition the focus is on helping a team to “raise its game”


For LEADERS, there are similar transitions as a leader adopts different responsibilites. The initial transition comes in a shift from a specialist contributor to taking on responsibility for the output of other specialists in a 1st line managment role.


The next transition comes when a leader takes responsibility for other leaders in a functional capacity or in a project environment. 


Ultimately, leaders transition into a role where they are responsible for leaders from a range of functions and are accountable for the total outout from this group.


At each of these transitions points, leaders need to UNLEARN some approaches which helped them be successful in the previous context and develop their leadership capability so it's approriate for the level at which they are now operating.

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