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Team Development



For us, team development is a deliberate programme which helps an established team to shift to a higher level of performance.


One reason a team may need to look at its current  team attributes is a change in external conditions which requires the team to be able to meet new challenges. Or it could be that they have got “stuck” in a way of working which is sub optimal. 


Feedback from customers or internal and external partners can help a team determine whether it is performing at a level that is appropriate. 


Staying ahead of the curve


The best teams are always developing; so when something changes in their environment, they can harness their collective abilities to meet this new challenge and continue to deliver what is required of them. 


Teams sometimes get stuck because they fail to make the transition to a more effective way of working and work with existing "habits."  


Indicators that a team may be "stuck" include

  • Team is slow to respond to external challenges
  • Team in a “rut” and inward looking.
  • Team members still operating on yesterday’s insights
  • Team members commit just enough energy to maintain current performance
  • Team members may operate in cliques

How do we help develop teams?


Every team we work with is different, and will be at a different stage on their journey to excellence  


This means that we use the tools available to us to configure the best solution for that team.


Our aim is to always to help the team get to a situation where it can take care of its own self-development.


Working with the team, we will create joint view of what they want to achieve in the future. We will help them to accurately understand their current situation in relation to that goal and design a pathway to help them get there.


We will then provide the necessary external support required to ensure the team can become self developing.


Our support will include a combination of the following:

  • Team Diagnostics
  • Strategic Focusing Workshops
  • Experiential Learning Workshops
  • Team Skills Development Workshops
  • Functional Skills Development
  • Team Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Coaching 
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