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Improve Motivation - Improve Results

Do you know what really motivates your team?


You will have noticed that each of your team members is different and energised by different things. So how do you ensure that each team member's unique's requirements are met so that they can be engaged and their performance maximised.


 A Motivational Team Map can help you to understand your team and especially:


  • What drives their behaviour and their decisions


  • Their current level of motivation


  • How you can improve and maintain motivation

What is a Motivational Map®?

One of the problems of dealing with motivation is that it is ‘invisible’ –


It is a need, a want, a desire, a drive, an internal energy.  A Motivational Map® creates visibility based on a new language and measurement.


In only about 15 minutes on-line, you can complete the diagnostic and receive a full 15 page report on which of the 9 Motivators motivates you and your current motivation level. The report is not only practical but also extremely revealing: most individuals have little idea about or find it difficul to express what truly motivates them.


This insights helps people to work out how to focus their energy so they can improve their motivational level, productivity and performance.


Team Maps enable leaders to be able to determine whether the energies of the team are in tune with the Team’s direction, whether there are internal conflicts that need addressing, and finally how to provide rewards that motivate the team: each report contains at least 11 actionable ideas. In short, they enable the team to perform at a higher level.

The Nine Motivators

Motivational Maps produce real results. I would recommend trying a session if you are serious about making your team as successful as they can be!


Craig McVoy, Liverpool Victoria

If you would like to know how we can help you inprove motivation and performance in your team, please contact us

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