The Next Curve Network - Helping You To Better Results
    The Next Curve Network - Helping You To Better Results

The Next Curve Network


One definition of “network” that you may come across is “a group or system of interconnected people or things”.

We like this definition as it very accurately describes the Next Curve Network. At the heart of the network is the approach and thinking that David & Keith have developed both from working together and also from leading high performing teams.

To complement this know-how and practical business experience we have added some tools which support our projects.

These tools have been developed by people who like us share a passion for helping teams and leaders fulfil their potential.

We believe that learning will be more impactful if we can support development in the right context.


Whilst David and Keith can draw on their experience of Sales and Operational Leadership respectively, in the Network we collaborate with other functional experts in Marketing, Innovation and Organisational Development.

As a result we can utilise the most appropriate elements within the Network to create the right solution for each team that we support.



Motivational Maps, a unique on-line self-perception inventory, draws together research into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors, & materials from the ancient but modern personality profiling tool, the Enneagram.


The result is a diagnostic instrument that works on an individual, team & organisational level to produce an astonishingly accurate account of where the ‘energies & emotions’ are being directed, and how strong they are.


As a result, by using Motivational Maps, teams and leaders can develop a common lanaguage around their motivation and learn how to harness latent energy for delivering better results.



MyBrain are the developers of the the MiND tool.


It is based on a neurological rather than a psychological model. For this reason we refer to it a 'neurometric' rather than a psychometric.


The MiND report provides feedback on how the information processing styles of different brain regions combine to produce different psychological styles and preferences, and then how a person's energy and motivation is directed according to the relative weighting of those styles and preferences.


It enables team members and team leaders to gain a neurological understanding of not just how their colleagues are (they probably already know that), but why they are the way they are - how their preferences, perspective, enthusiasm and energy is shaped by the physical attributes of their brains. 



Do Something Different provide a digital platform and programmes which makes it easy for teams and leaders to improve their output.


After a formal learning activity, usually only 20% of people actually apply anything of what they’ve learnt.


Why is it so hard to change? Because we are all habit machines.


Habits save us energy, because they don’t consume much brain power. Some habits are useful, keeping us safe or saving us time. But habits can be really limiting, stopping us experiencing new things. Preventing us from realising our full potential.


At the core of everything DSD does is one simple idea: Don’t think about it. Or learn about it. Or analyse it. Or talk about it. Do it. Then learn from the experience


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